Katherine and Christopher Wedding Recap – Sea Oaks Country Club

On a beautiful sunny day in Tuckerton, New Jersey, Katherine and Christopher came together as husband and wife. Surrounded by delicate nautical touches, the two found themselves in wedded bliss throughout the day. The bride recently completed her doctorate in biology – Congratulations! – and the groom was eagerly awaiting this moment.

Their first look took place in as romantic of a spot as one could imagine, on top of a lighthouse that overlooked the most quintessential bay. As her groom overlooked the water, Katherine approached in her beautiful lace gown with a halter top and flowing veil. It wasn’t long before the two were sealing kisses. The New Jersey photographers were there to capture every sweet moment as they prepared for the day.

The ceremony took place at the bottom of the Tuckerton Lighthouse right on the water. The bride was accompanied by her father, who led her down a long dock, giving all their guests plenty of time to witness her big smile as she approached Christopher.

The vows and rings were exchanged, and as they walked back up the aisle Christopher picked up his new bride. In the party bus, everyone then headed to the Sea Oaks Country Club.

The Sea Oaks Country club provided the newlyweds and their guests with a stunning banquet hall that fit their ‘by the sea’ theme perfectly. Large windows brought in plenty of light as views of the golf course made everyone swoon. The windows were then draped with yellow curtains that only made the space feel even more luxurious.

Each table was decorated with a tall centerpiece that added sophisticated elegance and style. The tall pieces were met with hanging gold chandeliers. The couple sat by one of the windows, allowing the light to illuminate their smiling faces throughout the entire night. The room allowed for the perfect amount of ambiance for the bride’s natural nautical theme.

There was plenty of dancing throughout the evening and the thoughtful bride and groom made sure to take photos with their guests. It was not until sunset that the couple took a moment to themselves on the deck of the Sea Oaks Country Club. The bride had dreams of photos at sunset and they were surely met. The sky danced and changed colors with every shot by the NJ photographers, as Katherine and Christopher embraced.

The night concluded with a few more dance moves, funny photos, and sweet looks before the couple snuck away one last time to take a few shots in front of the Sea Oaks Country Club entrance. It provided the perfect backdrop of the night’s end, as a dark sky lit up with stars and the grand entrance showed off the newlyweds.




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