Samantha and Michael – Atlantis Coral Ballroom

For this couple, this was a beautiful day from the beginning. It started as any day should, surrounded by family and friends. Samantha chose to celebrate her big day at Atlantis Coral Ballroom. The Atlantis Coral ballroom has a fun and laid-back atmosphere reminiscent of a beach town, with an elegant facility fit for their wedding. Samantha began by getting ready with her bridesmaids. Her hair and makeup looked flawless and complimented the dress so well.

wedding rings wedding dress details the bride getting her makeup done the bride and groom kissing hair details

Samantha and Michael’s NJ Videographer and New Jersey Photographers stopped them for a few pictures. This moment was extremely beautiful as the weather was just right and the bride and groom were able to pose with each other and those that they love. Once everything was in place, it was time for the bride to show off her look, including her breathtaking dress, as well as her amazingly done hair and makeup. To begin the first part of their special day, family and friends prepared and gathered for the ceremony. Samantha made her grand entrance, her father was up first. The couple said their vows, and had everyone feeling nostalgic and teary eyed.

the bride and her bridesmaids the groomsmen shoes the bride and groom kissing the bride and groom saying their vows the groom getting emotional the groom walking with his parents

It was now time for their reception, which took place in The Atlantis Coral Ballroom. Guests watched in awe as the bridal party entered. The bride and groom shared a breath taking dance together, and then following that they each shared a dance with their parents. There was not a detail was out of place with the very grand and luxurious decor provided and displayed within this venue. Every light and camera was on these newlyweds as they did their speeches. This was a very emotional moment for them as well as everyone there to witness it. Family and friends continued to spend the rest of this very special day having fun, laughing and dancing. The DJ was spectacular and ensured everyone was having a great time. Dessert looks delicious, almost to perfect to eat. The best is yet to come for these two.

the bride and groom dancing cocktail hour food the wedding cake table decorations  the bride and groom kissing after speeches dancing at the reception the speech table



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