Mary and Kostas Wedding Recap – Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Mary and Kostas threw a bash like no other, a combination of both Greek traditions and modern elegance brought everyone together for the day. Mary started her day surrounded by giggling family members and some fine makeup artistry.

Once all the final touches were applied, the two met at the Saint Barbara Greek Orthodox Church for the traditional Greek Orthodox ceremony. The church was gorgeous with beautiful paintings and tiles covering the ceilings and walls. Making the ceremony all the more special to the couple. They were also fortunate to have their two kids involved in the ceremony and witness to the little ones how important their faith is to them.

The ceremony ended with a line where they were able to greet each one of their guests before heading to the Eagle Ridge Golf Club for the reception.

Photos were snapped by the New Jersey Photographers on the golf course. The venue provided the perfect gorgeous, yet secluded, scenery for an intimate shoot. There were private walkways with trees that shaded the path for the two to walk under.

The Eagle Ridge Golf Club had large brass chandeliers that hung from the ceiling, providing delicate lighting throughout the evening. The walls were fitted with textured wallpaper that complimented the light fixtures throughout the room.

The venue also hosted elegant tables with beautiful white tablecloths and comfortable plush chairs, providing an upscale feel for all of their guests. Included on each table was a blooming orchid that complimented the bride’s fresh tropical flower theme.

An outdoor cocktail hour was held, on account of the beautiful weather that could just not keep anyone inside. Then when the wedding party made their grand entrance, it was time to get the party started.

Mary and Kostas shared their first dance, gently swaying to the music and spinning in circles over their love for each other. It wasn’t long before everyone else was out there on the floor, dancing in synchronized lines and performing tricks with glasses of liquid courage.

When it was time to cut into their tall cake Mary and Kostas shared a bite with each other, missing each other’s mouths by just a bit.

The Greek traditions continued throughout the evening with traditional dancing and the breaking of plates. The venue graciously allowed guests to practice the tradition of breaking plates inside. They were thrown into garbage cans that contained cement blocks at the bottom, allowing for maximum shattering! Everyone, young and old, got into the breaking of plates and cheered when each one was shattered.





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