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You have probably been planning your wedding in New Jersey for months, if not years. You likely have every part of your special day pictured perfectly in your mind. Wouldn’t it be a waste not to perfectly capture those images on the real day?

When it comes to memories that will last a lifetime, it’s best to rely on professional photographers in New Jersey. Let me tell you why…

When hiring NJ wedding photographers, some people are nervous about the cost, but you must always consider the value. Professional photographers will capture the important parts of your day for a lifetime, even when memories begin to fade. Your cake will be eaten, the favors opened, the food eaten….. Keep in mind, what you have left over, for the rest of your life, are your actual wedding photos— your wedding memories frozen in time. That’s why who you select is so important and our NJ wedding photographers are fully capable of giving you the best ones possible.  

naninas in the park wedding nj photography
naninas in the park wedding nj photography
bride with pastel bouquet clarks landing nj wedding
bridesmaid with bride clarks landing nj wedding
Asbury Park hotel nj

Everyone knows somebody who is a “photographer,” but most are simply a person with a hobby camera. Much more goes into wedding photography than one might think. 

So, before you trust an amateur with your memories, please consider these reasons to hire professional NJ wedding photographers!

Professional Wedding Photographers Know What They are Doing

Experienced, professional New Jersey Wedding Photographers know exactly what they are doing. While this is possibly your first “big day,” wedding photographers already fully understand the ebb and flow of a hectic and live wedding day. 

They know when to arrive, what to wear, key moments to watch for, where to stand, and what photographs well and what doesn’t. Our NJ wedding photographers know exactly what photos are essential to capture and, more importantly, how to capture them. 

couple in LBI- seashell resort beach
clarks landing nj bride groom on dock sunset
naninas in the park wedding nj photographer
lbi nj wedding seashell resort
lbi nj wedding
wedding at seashell resort LBI flower wood ceremony arch
wedding at spring lake nj bride
spring lake nj bridal bouquet white flowers
dramatic dress bride at clarks landing nj inside
inside clarks landing nj bride getting ready in dress
clarks landing wedding nj bride and groom on dock
clarks landing nj wedding couple bride groom outside portrait
seashell resort couple hotel nj wedding
happy couple in lbi wedding seashell resort
crystal ballroom wedding NJ Radisson freehold photoggraphy

Images to Last a Lifetime

Wedding planning takes months, if not years. Then the big day comes, and the whirlwind is over before you even know it! Your memories will slowly fade over time, leaving you with small snippets of the big day. That is why getting high-quality photos is so important.

You can look back on your wedding photos and remember more special moments. Even when your memories fade, you can open your photo album and be reminded of the fun moments created throughout the day.

Professional wedding photos also capture moments that you might not have witnessed. It is impossible to be everywhere and with everyone on your wedding day. Wedding photos help fill in these gaps that you would otherwise miss out on. You need the BEST NJ wedding photographers for this. 


mountain creek nj wedding photographer photography red tail lodge
bride groom wedding couple in fall spring lake
spring lake nj wedding bridal party
wedding dress in window dramatic
bride and groom under umbrellas rain point pleasant nj wedding
lbi nj wedding
bride and bridesmaids champagne pop lbi hotel

Reliable Professional

Professional NJ wedding photographers take their jobs seriously. They are reliable and punctual and approach your wedding day with professionalism.

They will not be at your wedding to socialize and celebrate (even though they will be happy for you!). They come to your big day ready to work and get a job done.

While you may be able to save some money using a friend or relative to take photos, that person will likely get caught up in the party of the day. Just one more reason to use a professional!


marriage equality nj wedding at seashell resort
hotel LBI wedding on rooftop nj
hotel lbi wedding bride in window getting ready
hotel lbi bride wedding getting ready
hotel lbi stairs wedding bride and groom
clarks landing nj wedding sunset couple kissing on dock point pleasant
indian wedding photographer nj the marigold Baraat

Camera Equipment Knowledge

On your wedding day, you’ll likely transition between indoor, outdoor, and many different types of lighting.

A professional photographer knows how to use different lenses, filters, and accessories. They will bring top-of-the-line equipment and the know-how to use the different gear as applicable.

Quality Images

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event. That is why when it comes to capturing precious images from your special day, you want quality images.


bride with miniature poodle wedding
clarks landing nj wedding bride groom dancing ballroom
naninas in the park wedding nj photography
martells waters edge in bayville
bride groom dancing ballroom clarks landing nj


Affordable NJ Wedding Photographers

Quality you want. Prices you can afford.

You can get award-winning, quality photography starting at just $1,800 right here.

Our photos are delivered after approximately 30 days after your wedding

We allow flexible payment plans at 0% interest

Let our affordable NJ wedding Photographers capture your special day! 


The most important part of any wedding is the couple, and that is what it is all about and that is all that matters at the end of your special day. We cater to you, with seamless, stress-free services that will leave you happy you hired us!


Is wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to your wedding? No, you are, however when it comes to planning your special day it should be up there high on the priority list. Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget and the moments you missed on the best (and likely most expensive event of your life). Your flowers will wilt, your cake will quickly be eaten, but your photos last a lifetime. That’s why hiring our NJ Wedding Photographers is one of the best decision you will make!



Our NJ Wedding Photographers understand how to take special photos from the best angles and perfect lighting. They also use high-quality equipment that captures beautiful and clear photos.

Our NJ Wedding Photographers have also taken time to hone their skills and develop modern photographic styles to produce beautiful images. They know how to deliver what their clients want.

Less Stress Means More Time to Celebrate

Experienced NJ wedding photographers do not require any hand-holding. They meet with you ahead of your wedding day to discuss photography specifics and leave the meeting with a plan.

Then, on the day of your event, the photographer arrives ready to work! They don’t need any instructions or micro-managing for you to get the pictures of your dreams. That means you can stress less about the “day of” details and enjoy making memories with friends and family.

You cannot go back in time and recreate the special memories. They must be shot in real-time by someone that knows precisely how to capture them.

 Pros Can Adapt to the Unexpected

Wedding photographers have seen it all! From wardrobe issues to weather that changes on a dime, professional NJ wedding photographers can work well even amid chaos. They will capture the beauty of any moment!

They also know that everyone wants to look good in their photos and want their friends and family to shine, too. Professional photographers know how to capture body types in the right way and use lighting to enhance visuals.

Access to Premium Print and Album Options

A photographer’s job isn’t over when the bride and groom leave for their honeymoon. In fact, taking photos is only half of their job.

In addition to quality camera equipment, professional NJ wedding photographers have the best editing software. They sort through every photo, taking the best of the best and making them even better.

The pros also ensure all of the important details and highlights of the wedding are showcased in your album. They know how to strike a perfect balance between décor, portraits, and candid moments.

Furthermore, many print shops only offer deals or access to premium prints and albums to professional photographers. That means, if you use an expert NJ wedding photographer, you can get higher-quality prints and albums made. More so, you can get them at a better value!

Don’t leave your memories in the hands of an amateur!

Meyer Photo & Video Group is the best of the best NJ wedding photographers. We offer the professionalism and skill required to make your special day last a lifetime. And, we offer it at some of the lowest prices in the area.

View our gallery and see our affordable packages today!

Make Your Important Day Count

Since your wedding day only comes around once, there are no “do-overs.” You cut your cake one time, have your first dance one time, throw your bouquet one time.

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