Erica and David Wedding Recap – The Westmount Country Club

On a beautiful sunny day, bride Erica began getting ready for her big day with those closest to her. Her hair was beautifully crafted in an updo and she wore a white lace gown with the most delicate veil. Emotions were running high as she hugged her mother and did a first look with her father. Then when it was time to meet her groom, Eric, at the Westmount Country Club, there was not a dry eye in the house. Fortunately, their NJ wedding videographer was there to capture every sweet moment.

The venue, The Westmount Country Club, is a beautifully elegant property sitting on 30 acres of beautiful landscaping with large fluffy green trees and views overlooking the picturesque Garret Mountain. The award-winning venue has many beautiful ballrooms available, making it an ideal option for every couple.

Both Erica and David celebrated their union with many Jewish traditions. Like the bride circling her groom, a meaningful part of many modern Jewish weddings. The circling has many significant meanings, such as the days of the week and the seven aliyot on Shabbat. The phrase ‘when a man takes a wife’ also appears seven times in the bible, on Simchat Torah, and it is the number of times the Torahs are to be carried around the synagogue. One of the last and maybe most mystical teachings is that as the bride circles her groom, she enters the seven spheres of her husband’s innermost being.

Following the couples beautiful ceremony they decided to also take part in another Jewish tradition called Yichud. A moment after the ceremony where the couple can have a private moment to themselves before the reception.

For their reception, Erica and David chose a room at The Westmount Country Club with a beautiful vaulted gold ceiling and sparkling chandeliers for the guests got to sit under. Surrounding them were beautifully crafted windows which added the perfect touch of elegance to this expertly crafted wedding. The white and navy blue tables added to the rooms overall charm, with tall vases as the centerpieces, topped with a big, bright, and beautiful bouquet of flowers. The venue house plenty of space for dancing, eating, and gathering as friends and family waited for the couple to arrive.

The party really got started as soon as Erica and David walked in. Tropical cocktails were poured, traditional dances were enjoyed, and the beautiful 4 tier cake stood in the corner, illuminated by the natural light. The entire night an incredible live band played the best beats, keeping everyone on their feet, clapping, holding hands, and dancing. They even squeezed in the mission dance.

Watch the video our NJ wedding videographers put together for the couple:


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