Angeline and Rick Wedding Recap-Maplewood Country Club

Angelina and Rick began their story at a beach house when from across the room their eyes connected. Since then it had been nothing but a fairy tale, which brought them to Saint Cecilia’s Church on a misty afternoon.

The full mass wedding was led by an officiant, who was also a personal friend. Angeline showed up with a big bouquet of white flowers and green foliage. Walking down the aisle, her mermaid dress flowed with each step and Rick discretely brushed a tear away. As the ceremony took place the officiant told stories of how the two met, leading to the incredible romance that followed. The ceremony continued with a full mass, a very touching moment for both religious families.

Following the ceremony, the wedding party took photos outside the Maplewood Country club. A stunning piece of property with a golf course that could take your breath away. The large green field was then complemented with big full trees in the distance. There was a misty haze, which provided a romantic atmosphere. Briefly interrupted by the giggling bridesmaids and silly poses.

It was then time for the reception at the Maplewood Country Club. Established in 1911, the Maplewood Country Club boasts itself as a family-friendly atmosphere where members can relax and enjoy all that is to be offered. The venue greets each guest with a classic charm that can be described as utter elegance. The Maplewood staff assisted the couple with all the intricate the details of the day. Like photos of passed ones resting on the mantles surrounded by votive candlelight or ensuring every placard was properly placed.

The room acquired at the Maplewood Country Club provided a golden glow as you entered. Shimmery curtains, beautiful table seating, and flower centerpieces that reached for the ceiling surrounded the guests. But do not let the breathtaking elegance, sparkling chandelier, or pristine crown molding fool you, the event was a lively affair. Filled with every dance move imaginable!

At the bar, you could find many fancy drinks in classy martini glasses, as trays of appetizers were carried all throughout the room. The couple celebrated by feeding their guests every treat imaginable, including pizza!

However, the party really got started the moment Angeline and Rick entered the room. With fun lighting provided by the Maplewood Country Club and a lively stage to set the mood.  A percussionist and accompanying DJ had everyone dancing all night, sending the couple off with sweet joy.




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