Sydney – Raven & the Peach

Today was not like every other day, for Sydney it was her Bat Mitzvah. This very special celebration was held at Raven & the Peach. Located in Fair Haven, NJ, Raven & the Peach offered to all family and distinguished guests, a delectable selection of fine cuisine in a comfortable cosmopolitan atmosphere decorated with fine woods and tasteful fabrics nestled in the charming town of Fair Haven. This venue is very unique, as it has been decorated in the richest woods and finest fabrics dressed with luxurious table appointments held underneath a skylit ceiling and surrounding windows affording a desirable view of Fair Haven.

A sign in the temple

The excitement of the day began when Sydney showed up with her parents at her side, preparing fo a very fun and memorable day. Family and close friends gathered to spend this important day with Sydney.The Bar Mitzvah ceremony was extremely intimate and fun. Everyone was giddy with excitement over the festivities, and smiles filled the room as photos were snapped as the NJ videographers worked to capture every moment.There was not a detail that was out of place with the very grand and luxurious decor offered. As the ceremony began, Sydney made her grand entrance in her beautiful dress. The Raven & the peach provided the perfect setting for all attendees.It definitely met and exceed all expectations with tantalizing menus, polite and attentive service staff, and meticulous attention to detail.

Sydney with family Sydney at the ceremony During the ceremony A book in the ceremony Sydney with family after the ceremony Sydney getting a kiss

Inside the Raven & the peach venue, the ballroom was all prepared for Sydney as well as all of her family and friends. Te details throughout this venue were perfect and matched the masquerade heme spot on. Purple and black flower were consistent with their theme and brightened up the already elegant space. The venue also made sure there were matching lights and balloons to make the place that much more special. the venue balloon details

To make this day even more special, there was an artist, a photo-booth and a great selection of food as well as a beautifully decorated cake. Guests were able to get a personalized photo self portrait of themselve, which seemed to be a very big hit as everyone was smiling and laughing.The dinner gave everyone enough energy to dance with the amazing entertainment throughout the night. It was certainly needed with all of the fast-paced music and dancing throughout the venue.

portrait cake maasks on the cake detail an entre dancing photo booth fun



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