Wedding Videography The Merion NJ – Kiara and Ben Wedding Recap

On a clear day, with a bit of snow from days prior,THE MERION of Cinnaminson, NJ played host to the union of Kiara and Ben. The Merion has been happily serving couples for more than 40 years, consistently wowing families in southern New Jersey. The couple held both their ceremony and reception at the massive, yet elegant, venue. Capable of holding 4 separate weddings on the same night. This is important due to their highly desirable location. The immaculate interior design features marble columns, immense spiral staircases, and vases filled with a remarkable scenery of flowers. From 50 to 500 guests, The Merion has been at the top of the list for many brides. Our NJ videographers LOVED capturing the nuptuals.

the merion wedding nj

Kiara wore a beautiful gown and covered herself in beautiful pearls, jewels, and diamonds. The bouquets gave off various shades of purple, which complimented the bridesmaid’s pale pink gowns. The wedding parties took photos. Kiara and giggling bridesmaids took photos embracing one another and holding up their flowers in celebration.


The couple had a short ceremony in the Skylight room of The Merion. The room got its name from the gorgeous glass ceiling which hung above the round room. The glass was perfect for bringing in natural light upon the guests and wedding party, brightly shinning off the marble floor. Kiara blushed as she walked down the aisle and Ben could not look away. Our affordable NJ videographers LOVED the beauty of the skylight room.

the merion wedding nj

Their reception took place in the Palace room, starting with a massive cocktail hour. However, not before the grand entrance of the families, wedding party, and of course bride and group. Each individual came out ready to celebrate the union of their favorite couple, with dance moves that encouraged everyone to get up and cheer.

Guests were welcome to try from the many different stations including Italian, Korean, Chinese, among others. The guests enjoy the splendor of the Palace room with its round dance floor, purple uplighting, and party lights. The room was designed with the sixteenth-century French style in mind. The 16-foot ceilings only complimented the magnitude of the enjoyment among guests as they ate and dance under the crystal chandeliers, surrounded by delicate gold accents.

The couple was then pleasantly surprised by the ceremony put on by the venue where staff came out with sparklers and roses, presented to the couple. The perfect start to the rest of the evening, where the couple and guests danced for hours. The DJ knew just what to play, the 90’s hits. Of course including the Backstreet Boys and Nsync. Our affordable NJ videographers enjoyed the beats!

Check out the video our NJ videographers created for the couple:

Here is what the bride had to say:

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