International Wedding Interview with – Algeria and UK

We have the pleasure of interviewing Aisha from and her experience planning not one, but TWO weddings internationally.

What advice would you give someone planning their wedding?
Go with your gut instinct, it’s your day, it should be just how you’ve always planned/dreamed!

How would you describe your wedding?

I had two!! I’m British, hubby Algerian. Our UK wedding was typically British classic, reserved, set in Chelsea, London, white dress & white roses… as opposed to the Algerian one! Minimum dress changes are 5! Lots of picture taking, gift giving, food & sweet eating. A procession of cars pick up the bride and a band plays while everyone toots their car horns down the street, people stop & stare in the street.

Take a peek at this video we found about traditional Algerian wedding wear:

What did you find more stressful about planning?

Getting my point across and not having things done exactly how I wanted.

Can you tell us a little bit about your blog?

ThrifDee Dubai. It’s essentially a lifestyle blog that focuses on money saving/time saving parenting, with a little humour, reviews & life hacks.

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