Wedding Photography at Huddy Park + Atlantis Ballroom – Anjoli and Rafael

February 18th, 2018, Anjoli and Rafael joined together at the Atlantis Ballroom at Toms River, New Jersey. However, not before having a warm first look at the bridge in Huddy Park. There Anjoli got to witness her groom for the first time and Rafael got to see his bride dressed in a beautifully ruffled gown. Complete with a cozy white coat, perfect for their winter vibe. They were joined at the park by family, where they were able to take more photos before the ceremony. All members matched in pinks and reds for the occasion. Our NJ Wedding Photographers fought through the cold to get the shots taken as quickly as possible to get the guest back in their cars.

huddy park wedding

Upon returning to the Atlantis Ballroom, the ceremony began. It was incredibly touching seeing the sea of guests dressed in the couple’s theme colors, black and pink, to then see Anjoli emerge from the crowd in her beautiful white dress. During the ceremony, the couple had exchanged vows. Anjoli was clearly filled with emotion, joking her vows were on a massively long piece of paper, so long it stretched down to the floor. She poured her heart out, as everyone in the crowd cried their eyes out.

The venue featured elegant high end touches like a light display on the floor with their anniversary date, lighting to go with the pink theme, and glamour all around. As the couple entered their reception, they were warmly welcomed and had begun their first dance, gliding over fog that swept over their feet, provided by the lovely venue.

atlantis ballroom reception weddingUI6A0540ee

The rest of the night was filled with fun music, provided by Posh Entertainment, and sweet treats. One of them being a beautiful wedding cake, complete with plenty of bling and a honest dedication to Superman. A humorous touch for the couple to show a bit more of a personal touch. Their guests enjoyed the delicious cake and became even more overjoyed when a donut wall was presented. Also, provided by the venue. Our Affordable NJ Wedding Photographers captured tons of great shots!

halo oval engagement ring

atlantis ballroom wedding venue toms river centerpieces

atlantis ballroom wedding venue toms river decor pinksuperman wedding cake chocolate carouselUI6A0489

More shots taken by our Affordable NJ Wedding Photographers captured tons of great shots! Cake by: Chocolate Carousel

champagne with raspberry

atlantis ballroom wedding venue toms riverScreen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.50.10 PMatlantis ballroom wedding venue toms riverScreen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.49.00 PM

wedding donut wallScreen Shot 2018-03-08 at 2.56.18 PMatlantis ballroom toms river wedding

atlantis ballroom

Just minutes from the beach, Atlantis Ballroom is an Ocean County favorite for wedding receptions. With an exquisite ballroom, gourmet catering, Hollywood Lighting, and an expert team of event coordinators, they have everything you need under one roof. At Atlantis, they can accommodate weddings for up to 225 guests with an open dance floor. On-site accommodations at the comfortable Days Hotel Toms River – Jersey Shore means your guests can party hearty without needing to drive home afterward! We are proud to be a preferred vendor for the Atlantis Ballroom.

Take a look at this video clip our NJ wedding videographers took for the couple for free!

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