Kerryn and Kyle Wedding Recap – Clark’s Landing Yacht Club

In Delran, New Jersey, on a bright yet overcast day high school sweethearts, Kerryn and Kyle, said ‘I do’. Their first look took place under a canopy of lush green trees, providing the perfect amount of shade as the sunlight broke through. Lighting up the bride’s face as she walked over to kiss her groom. She wore a strapless lace dress with a sweetheart neckline and a chic belt. Her hair fell over her shoulders in pretty curls and the pastel bouquet of flowers brought a little light everywhere she went. While the groom sported a tan suit complimented by a blue tie and charming boutonnière, they were ready for the perfect day.

The wedding was held at Clark’s Landing Yacht Club. A stunning venue with pristine landscaping and views that will leave you breathless. While everyone’s eyes were glued to the couple, the property itself could compete for their unwavering attention. Wallpapered rooms with sparkling tiles provided the perfect Victorian backdrop for the affair.

The ceremony held outside on some pretty green grass that overlooked the water. Lavender and white flowers surrounded them as the bride walked down the aisle, covered in kisses from her father. The couple wrote vows to each other, reciting to each other the overwhelming love felt. After the ceremony photos were taken as everyone celebrated the newly married couple.

The reception was held in the grand ballroom of Clark’s Landing Yacht Club, overlooking a beautiful view of the water. Glowing chandeliers hung from the ceiling while each table kept up with the elegance by being adorned in pastels and flowers in tall vases.

After the wedding party made their grand entrance, the bride and groom swayed to the music laughing with every twirl.

If the views of the loving couple and chic venue weren’t enough to keep everyone snapping photos, the exquisite menu with carefully crafted items stole the attention. Clark’s Landing provided multiple courses for the night. Fruit, salad, potatoes, and lemon sorbet gave everyone the energy they desired to dance through the night.

Throughout the entire event details were set to pay tribute to the bride’s mother who passed just before the special day. Once the last note of the couple’s song was sung, the bride changed into her mother’s wedding dress. Her father was then waiting for her on the dance floor where they shared their father-daughter dance.

The toasts brought tears and the DJ brought everyone on the dance floor. With one last twirl, the couple ended the night with a sweet peck.

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