Katrina and Nick Wedding Recap – Brooklake Country Club Videography

On a bright and beautiful day, the Brooklake Country Club in Florham Park, New Jersey, hosted the union of Katrina and Nicholas. In the groom’s suite, beers were sipped and crazy socks were acquired as they prepared for the big day. Meanwhile, the bride adjusted her veil and was helped with the finishing touches of her look. Katrina sported a ballgown white dress with a sweetheart neckline that made her look like a princess.


The two had their first look on one of the golf courses that was the focal point of the property. With golfers taking a swing and wishing them good luck on the big day, the couple shared a peck. After the New Jersey photographers stole a few sweet moments, it was time to walk down the aisle.


The sun was shining bright and everyone had a smile on their face. The couple met at the alter which provided storybook views of the landscape. Fluffy green trees complimented the river that ran through the property. Bridges, fountains, and quaint benches were scattered throughout the venue that made the entire place look like a dream.


The reception was held in a large ballroom of the Brooklake Country Club with gold and tan colors that provided the perfect amount go elegance for the event. Chandeliers floated throughout the room with crown molding complimenting the bride’s romantic theme. Throughout the room, there were large bountiful bouquets, balanced alongside the personal touches like the custom ‘Thank You’ candy provided for each guest.


Large wooden French doors provided the perfect setting for the family, wedding party, and finally, the couple to walk through. The bride had the biggest smile on her face as her groom spun her around, showing her off to everyone in the room.


The remainder of the night was filled with tearful toasts, dancing, and a few moments for Katrina and Nicholas to sneak away for a few photos. Out on the dance floor, every move was tried and all the songs were sung. A break was taken for some cake, a sweet moment between the couple as they stared into each other’s eyes while they shared a bite.


Then as the sun began to set, they snuck away for some photos. A few moments to themselves allowed for the perfect backdrop on the venue’s property. The sun shined through the trees and Nicholas lifted his beautiful bride into the air for NJ Photographers to get one last shot for the night.





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